Aquarium backgrounds.

Creation of aquarium background.

Aquarium backgrounds

Decoration of a background of aquarium is a first thing to do. As a rule, it is back wall. Two sidewalls can be also decorated. Everything depends on desire and an initial idea. For creation of a background it is possible to use sheet backgrounds printed on a durable tape. Photo wall-paper of different subjects, flowers, shades are on sale. They can be of different width. It is better to take with a stock.
It is possible to give a volume to a back wall by means of a relief background. Recently it acquired great popularity. The price of it is quite high, but nevertheless it is in considerable demand. It should be fasten in aquarium by means of silicone adhesive. As a background it is possible to lay out stones or to put cork tiles.
The easiest way is coloring by paint. And it is possible to use any paint because you will paint outer side of aquarium. It won’t affect quality of water and health of fishes at all. But this method has shortcoming. If you decide to remake something in design of a background, after coloring it will be more difficult to do.

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Aquarium led.

Illumination in aquarium.

Aquarium led

Technical progress doesn’t stay on one place, and aquarian equipment is improving with high speed. Light-emitting diodes is gaining more and more popularity. Advantages of this type of lamps are obvious and numerous: LED lamps allocate not much heat therefore it isn’t required additional cooling of an aquarium, they are very economic in respect of electric power expenses. Such lamps are durable, the light stream of a light-emitting diode is directed in the necessary direction. It is easy to regulate intensity and a range of lighting, including different combinations of light-emitting diodes.
Color temperature of lamps intended for illumination of aquarian plants. As a rule, in aquariums white light-emitting diodes (in variations a daylight, warm white or cold white), sometimes with small addition of red and blue. Green light isn’t used for plants, it is not necessary. Parameters of force of a light stream and color temperature are specified in characteristics of LED lamps, proceeding from them, people carry out choice of the lamp for an aquarium.
It is obvious that LED lighting is a future for aquariums. But already now there are enough opportunities to estimate its advantages.

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Aquarium rocks.

Significant element in decoration of aquarium.

Aquarium rocks

Stones are quite significant element in decoration of aquarium. They not only decorate, but hide established technical means from the eyes. Also they serve as shelter and a substratum for some fishes. For aquariums will be suitable such stones: granite, basalt, gneiss, porphyry. In decoration it is better not to use dolomite, limestone, sandstone. They are only suitable for aquariums with hard water. Good samples of stones can be found on the coast of lakes and rivers.
It is important not to use decorations made from metal, rubber, paints, enamels! It can be toxically. It isn’t necessary to place stones with sharp edges in aquarium. Your fishes might be wounded. All large stones put on the bottom before filling up soil. To avoid damages of a bottom, under big stones it is recommended to stack sheets of plastic. It is better to put big decorative elements on a background or on the sides. You shouldn’t put a cobble-stone in the center which will only occupies the precious space.

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Small aquarium.

Aquariums of a round shape.

Small aquarium

Aquariums of a round shape enjoy popularity more than 50 years, they look beautiful and fit practically into any interior, from kids room to business office. It is quite difficult to maintain such aquarium, but modern technologies allow to create really comfortable conditions for fishes. The main problems are: small size of aquariums (from 1 to 50 liters), placement of equipment ( filter, aerator and heater), wrong selection of inhabitants (many species of fish demand much bigger size).
Small sizes of aquariums have fragile biosystem which needs to be supported steadily to provide optimum conditions for fishes. Because of the small size of aquarium, water quickly changes the parameters, thanks to activity of inhabitants. The balance can be supported successfully by means of the aquarian equipment. It has to be special aquarian equipment for round aquariums, thus it shouldn’t be bulky, occupying all space in the sphere.

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20 gallon fish tank.

Benefit of acrylic aquarium.

20 gallon fish tank

Usually 20 Gallon aquarium is constructed to be nearly leak-proof. The seams are molecularly bonded and heat polished, so that they are incredibly strong and long lasting. You won’t ever have to worry about a leak draining your aquarium while you are away from the home. 20 gallon fish tank comes with a fluorescent light fixture, so that you can illuminate your underwater showpiece. If you are ready to take on the satisfying challenge of creating a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, make sure you start with a sturdy tank that will give your fish, plants and underwater life a safe home. It is made of tough acrylic. In fact, acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass. Such acrylic aquarium can hold up to a little rough usage. Despite its strength, acrylic is also relatively lightweight compared to glass. This can make transporting, lifting and setting up the 20 gallon fish tank a little easier.
Another big benefit of acrylic is that it doesn’t corrode in saltwater. That means you can use this 20 gallon fish tank for saltwater or freshwater use. If you’ve always dreamed of giving a saltwater aquarium a try, this acrylic aquarium will provide you plenty of years of solid use.

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Aquarium light.

Additional light for habitants of aquarium.

Aquarium light

Additional light is necessary for beautiful coloring of fishes and healthy growth of plants. It helps to recreate habitual conditions for inhabitants. Besides this, correct lighting will allow to support internal balance of the water environment. And it influences on development and reproduction of inhabitants of an aquarium. In specialized pet-shop it is possible to get a cover of the necessary size together with an aquarium. The ready system of lighting is built- in it already. However, it is suitable not for each aquarium.
There are two types of luminescent lamps: specialized and fluorescent lamps. The first type is suitable for illumination of aquarium with plants better. They radiate a red and blue color range which accelerates growth and development of seaweed.
Halogen lamps is the brightest source of lighting for an aquarium. It has a dot focus and certain area of light. Light gets into depths, being reflected from walls and creating contrast of flowers and modulations with deep shadows. Such lamps the most popular among fans of the water environment.
LED tapes are the most economic light source. Also there are tapes of different colors and shades, therefore color range can be recreated independently, combining blue, yellow, white and red colors. There is a type of LED tapes, which are covered with silicone. They can be lowered into water without any fears.

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Fish pictures.

How to take good pictures of fishes in aquarium?

Fish pictures

The world behind glass of an aquarium is so attractive and beautiful that there is a wish to depict it for memory by camera. To receive beautiful photos of aquarian world, it is necessary to be prepared and follow simple rules of photographing of fishes in an aquarium. Well lit aquarium is pledge of a successful photoshoot. If aquarium, which you intend to photograph is not rather well lit, you should turn on the light in the room or even to use additional sources of lighting. The good camera and ideal lighting is only a half of successful photographing of fishes in an aquarium. For full-fledged success you need to construct composition of necessary picture. When fishes in an aquarium move constantly, it is quite difficult to do. But nevertheless it is possible if you have patience and wait for a right moment. It is possible not to wait and knock, of course, on glass. Then fishes will be frightened and will get off in one troop for some time. At this time you will be able to take general pictures of inhabitants of an aquarium quietly.
Surely it is good to take a photo of each fish separately, but thus try to include interesting picture of an aquarium with plants, decorative stones in a photo composition. They will refresh your aquarian photo and will make it more colourful and interesting.

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Aquarium decor.

How to decorate aquarium?

Aquarium decor

After purchase of an aquarium first of all there is a question how it is better to decorate it. For creation of tremendous design it is necessary to have imagination, careful planning, diligence and, of course, desire to create a miracle. Today appeared whole direction in decoration of aquariums. Now in capacity it is possible to recreate any environment, even fantastic landscape. Everything depends on idea and correctly picked up material. In the world of decoration of aquarium there are many styles, and everyone has something unique.
For example, Dutch style. About 12 species of magnificent and dense plants participate in its decoration. For deep perception, plants picked up by color, texture and growth rates. Stem plants should be plant by groups from back side to the front.
The aquarium in Dutch style needs careful maintaining: periodic undercutting of plants, supply of carbon dioxide, the correct selection of small fishes and plentiful feed for plants.

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Discus aquarium.

Beautiful Discus fish.

Discus aquarium

Discus is one of the most beautiful fishes for aquarium. Unfortunately, this popular inhabitant of aquariums is rather difficult in maintaining. There are some main difficulties. Diskus is large fish, to 20 centimeters long. Such fish needs pure and fresh water and it is required big aquarium, at least from 40 liters on 1 fish, and it is desirable more. Diskus lives in the nature in a river pool of Amazon. They have roundish body, disk-shaped with existence of vertical strips. Though aquarian fishes can have very different coloring. Usually female fishes have less bright coloring. In a native habitat diskus got used to soft and acidic water. Such water practically doesn’t contain harmful microorganisms and immunity of these fishes is low.
Optimum temperature for diskus is 28-30C. It is not recommended to reduce temperature in an aquarium, the probability of disease of fishes sharply increases.
These inhabitants of aquariums will survive much easier if you increase a temperature to 35 degrees. Rigidity and active reaction of water in the maintain isn’t so essential. Therefore it is possible to use usual water, filtered and warmed up.
You should not contain diskus with other aquarian fishes. There are at once many problems.

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Dog fish.

Dogfish does not attack people.

Dog fish

Dogfish is a fish, which also called prickly shark. The dogfish has classical cigar-shaped body, extended and very streamline. Already by her appearance it is possible to understand that it is extremely mobile shark, capable to pursue booty promptly.
Usual length of dogfish doesn’t exceed 1-1,2 meters, weighing 8-12 kg, however there are large ones over 2 m in length and weighing up to 20 kg.
Coloring of a body of a dogfish is not bright. The back of gray-brown, gray-steel or gray-blue color, a belly grayish-white, ashy or white. Sometimes such fish has small light spots on the back and on the sides. Distinctive feature of dogfish is existence on back fins of prickly thorns, which bear protective function for this shark.
This shark lives in many seas of the World Ocean, however has some preferences in a choice of places of continuous living. Usually dogfish keeps in layers of the seas, occasionally, more often at night, rising on a surface. In the Black Sea there are no sharks, dangerous to the people. Dogfish does not attack people.

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